Commercial Installation Kent


Our nation’s power grid is 10 to 20 years beyond its life expectancy and may cost as much as hundreds of billions of dollars for modernization.

With commercial installation of a commercial standby generator you can protect your bottom line from damages of power outages because no matter what kind of business you own, a loss of power results in loss of revenue.

We are a factory-authorized dealer of Generac® and Kohler® commercial generators that deliver reliable emergency power to keep your business running during power outages.
We specialize in the automatic commercial standby generator, offering a complete package for our commercial customers including:

  • Local generator sales
  • Factory-trained expert installations
  • Service repairs
  • Warranty services

Call Washington Generators to inquire about our generator sales customer service program for assisting in scheduling a custom power risk assessment for your business by one of our premier generator suppliers.

Commercial Generator Installation Kent


According to a study by MIT every utility customer on the United States power grid can anticipate between 1.5 and 2 power interruptions annually, lasting between 2 and 8 hours each.

At the outset, every business owner should be equipped with a commercial standby generator that can deliver quality and reliability over the long term to prevent lost revenues.

Just as importantly for owners of commercial generators are services of reliable installation, maintenance and repair by a factory-trained contractor. As part of our generator sales plan we provide commercial generator installation that saves time and money, with repair and maintenance services that will protect commercial generators for future years.

Our factory-trained technicians follow the recommended service maintenance schedule of the power generator manufacturer that may include, but not limited to:

  • Adjusting generator valves
  • Engine controls
  • Engine mechanic details
  • Annual load bank testing of standby generators

Come in to learn more about our generator sales, commercial backup generator sizing, commercial generator installation, service, and repairs. And we also recommend consideration of our preventative maintenance plan to ensure optimal operation of your standby system.

Install Commercial Generators


We are proud to offer generator sales, installations and services of premier manufacturers like Generac® and their prestigious market sales status as a commercial standby generator in today’s market, and Kohler® commercial generators rated “best in class”.

Each of these manufacturers is a prime source for heavy duty commercial generators as well as a commercial standby generator to automatically deliver power during a power outage.

As a factory-trained contractor we provide:

  • Install commercial generators
  • 24/7 on-call generator technician service
  • An honest maintenance plan
  • On-going customer support to keep your investment protected
  • Complete and professional service

Call Washington Generators for new sales. We install commercial generators and provide maintenance and service that is second to none. We do it all! 253-220-4555