Fife Generators for Sale


Do you need robust backup power solutions for your business and are looking for generators for sale in the Fife, WA area? Planning to buy a generator that gets your home through power outages? Are you doubtful about the reliability of your commercial or home generator and want to replace it with a new one?

Check out the Kohler generators and Generac generators for sale at Washington Generators. As the authorized dealer of Generac and Kohler generators in this region, we provide our customers with world-class solutions to meet their alternate power needs. The Kohler or Generac generators that you buy from us can be trusted for:

  • Reliable performance
  • Good fuel efficiency
  • A long, useful life

We carry several different products offered by these industry-leading generator brands. Whether you want generators for home use or business use, we are sure you will find exactly what you need from among the many generators for sale for Fife residents.

Fife Generac Generators


A backup generator for home or commercial use can be used to provide power for many crucial and not-so-crucial activities, such as:

  • Lighting up the home or workplace
  • Running heating/cooling systems
  • Cooking and refrigeration
  • Operating business equipment
  • Using appliances like washer/dryer and television

So, the home and business owners who are on the market looking at Generac generators for sale near Fife may have different reasons for investing in a gen-set. We understand this and offer Generac generators of different types and sizes. The Generac generators that Fife residents can shop with us for include Generac portable generators, standby generators, Generac natural gas generators, or diesel generators. We can also help you understand which option is best for your needs.

Fife Kohler Generators


Our company also offers a selection of Kohler generators for Fife property owners. Kohler portable generators and standby generators are superior products that offer outstanding service and ROI to their users. Home and business owners who buy Kohler generators enjoy the benefits of having:

  • An uninterrupted power supply
  • A reliable backup power solution
  • Easy, hassle-free use of their generator

We are happy to sell and install Kohler generators to help people supplement their power needs. In fact, we provide comprehensive generator services. Besides supply and installation of generators, we offer expert services for backup generator sizing, generator repair, and generator maintenance.

Call Washington Generators at (253) 220-4555 to know more about the Generac generators and Kohler generators for sale in the Fife area.