Redmond Generators for Sale


Electric supply breakdown in your home or business place can happen anytime. It can happen because of many reasons – malfunction at the utility company’s end, damage caused by a severe storm or an electrical issue in your building. No matter why it occurs, power outages can cause major inconvenience and disruption in your life.

With its generators for sale in the Redmond, WA, Washington Generators offers you an excellent solution enabling you to continue your normal family or business life even when the electricity goes out. We sell premium brand generators for home use and business use. Our company offers a wide selection of Kohler® generators and Generac® generators for sale to Redmond residents.

Those who pick one of the generators for sale with us can feel confident that they have bought a backup power system that will:

  • Be ready for use anytime need arises
  • Work hassle-free, with minimal breakdowns
  • Give service for years to come

Redmond Generac Generators


Generac® is one of the pioneers of home generator manufacturing and enjoys a well-deserved reputation for supplying efficient, reliable and affordable alternative power solutions. Property owners who are in the market for generators for sale and want maximum value for their money should come to us for Generac® generators.

We offer several models of portable as well as standby Generac® generators for Redmond residents to choose from. The large selection makes sure that all our customers have a unit that is perfectly matched to their power requirements. We can deliver Generac® generators directly to our Redmond customers’ property.

Our technicians also provide complete services for installation of the Generac® generators, including:

  • Arranging electrical inspection
  • Getting mechanical permits
  • Coordinating with gas utility company
  • Installing the unit following the manufacturer's instructions

Redmond Kohler Generators


The Kohler® generators for sale through us also make a rewarding investment. Buying a Kohler® backup generator for home or business place means ensuring uninterrupted power supply in your property. We offer Kohler® generators in different sizes and capacities. Whether you need power backup for all the electrical outlets in your property or only the essentials, you are sure to find what you want among the Kohler® generators.

Our Kohler® generators help Redmond property owners get through power outages:

  • Easily
  • Comfortably
  • With minimal hassle

Washington Generators offers a free in-home consultation about Generac® and Kohler® generators for Redmond residents. Call (253) 220-4555.