Sammamish Generators for Sale


Modern living is heavily dependent on electricity. Getting through even a few hours of a power outage, whether in your home or business, can be extremely difficult, frustrating and stressful.

Washington Generators offers a wide variety of generators in the Sammamish, WA area so no one has to face the prospect of no electricity. We offer Generac® and Kohler® generators for both residential and commercial use. Our company provides customers with the perfect alternate power solutions so they can enjoy uninterrupted electricity supply even when there are extreme weather conditions or an electric malfunction of any nature causing power outages on their property.

Homes and businesses can choose from the several options in standby and portable generators available from us. Sammamish residents can also count on us for:

  • Help picking the right sized generator for your home or business
  • Installation is done with minimal disturbance
  • Repair and maintenance services for any Generac® or Kohler® generator

Sammamish Generac Generators


With portable and standby Generac® generators, we offer Sammamish residents premium quality generator products that are designed for:

  • Easy and uncomplicated use
  • Smooth, noiseless operation
  • Superior performance
  • Excellent durability

All home and business owners who come to us for generators can select from one of the Generac® generators we offer with the confidence that they are selecting a high-performing power backup solution.

To further make sure that our customers have their equipment working at peak efficiency, we install the Generac® generators in their Sammamish properties carefully, as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Our technicians are well trained and can resolve any Generac® generator problems that may arise.

Sammamish Kohler Generators


Consistently rated as ‘best in class’ for their products, Kohler® offers generators to Sammamish property owners that are:

  • Reliable alternate power options
  • Great value for money
  • Complete satisfaction and peace of mind

By investing in a Kohler® backup generator for your home, you can safeguard your loved ones against the discomfort and inconvenience that power outages can bring.

Outfitting your commercial property with one of the heavy duty Kohler® generators for sale will ensure that your property will remain secure and your business activities can continue unhindered by a power failure.

Call Washington Generators at (253) 220-4555 to learn more about the sales, installation, and repair services available for Generac® and Kohler® generators in the Sammamish area.