Kent Kohler® Commercial Generators


Kohler® commercial generators are on the leading edge of technology and trusted everywhere from hospitals and nuclear power plants to the National Weather Service.

As a factory-authorized dealer of Kohler® commercial generators we have witnessed first-hand their focus on delivery of quality and reliability over the long-term while other commercial power generator manufacturers have focused primarily on sales volume.

We are proud to represent Kohler® as a factory-trained contractor providing exceptional commercial power generator installations and repairs.

Teaming our installation and repair skills with one of the best manufacturer of generators in the world, we offer:

  • Easy professional installation to save you time and money
  • Trained service personnel to ensure total reliability and operational performance
  • Installations based on manufacturer specifications with no shortcuts
  • Follow-on customer support and maintenance with 24/7 emergency service

Call Washington Generators for assistance in choosing among the selection of standby Kohler® commercial generators for sale to keep your power on and your business operating within seconds of an abrupt power outage.

Kent Commercial Kohler®


Commercial Kohler® generators are the ideal choice for backing up your business during a power outage.

With our professional installation of a commercial Kohler® standby power generator you do not have to have a physical presence at your business during an emergency because it will come on automatically within seconds of a power outage and return to standby mode once the utility is restored.

Commercial Kohler® generators can power your entire business and keep it running, including hard-wired systems such as HVAC, cold-storage units, security systems, computers and more.

As a factory-authorized dealer and factory-trained contractor we can provide:

  • A free assessment to determine recommended Kohler® generators sizing
  • Commercial generator price
  • Expert installations that include electrical and gas permits
  • …and best of all, uninterruptible backup power

Call us to learn why backup power provided by commercial Kohler® generators is important for all business owners, large or small, for keeping their business running.

Kent Commercial Kohler® Generators


One of the most noteworthy advantages of commercial Kohler® generators is that inside every generator is a commercial-grade engine that is built to withstand extremely heavy workloads over a period of many years.

These are a few additional reasons to choose commercial Kohler® generators for your business:

  • Inventory preservation during a power outage
  • Protection of your revenue stream
  • Maintaining HVAC and lighting facilities
  • Power for your communications, computers and security system
  • Confidence of your customers who know they can count on you!

Every Kohler® commercial power generator is meticulously performance-tested start to finish and examined down to the final bolt! And before commercial Kohler® generators leave the factory they receive an additional quality and performance test.

Washington Generators is proud to be among the factory-authorized dealers and a factory trained contractor of the commercial Kohler® power generator! Call us today! 253-220-4555