Federal Way Surge Protector


As we are entangled in modern electronic devices and equipment all around us, it also becomes important to take necessary steps in ensuring everything is safe. Almost every electronic device on your property has a circuit board inside them which can be easily destroyed or fried by sudden power surges.

Even though the risk of fire is low, you would have to endure expensive repairs or replacements. Washington Generators is the name you can rely on when you want a whole house surge protector installed in your Federal Way, WA property. We specialize in keeping your house safe from sudden power surges.

Having a home surge protector offers several benefits to property owners like:

  • Saves you from expensive repairs
  • Ensures safety of your electronics
  • Offers peace of mind

Let us worry about keeping your home and electronics safe and effective at all times. Get in touch with us today if you need our professional help with whole house surge protector installation in the Federal Way or nearby areas.

Federal Way Whole House Surge Protector


Even though most common external surges are from lightning strikes, the top reasons are actually internal like:

  • Downed power lines
  • Faulty wiring
  • Rapidly turning on and off high-powered electrical devices

It is important to have whole house surge protectors installed in your property when you want to avoid damage like electrical shocks, melting of wiring or static disturbance. Installing a home surge protector in your home helps prevent any of your plugged in electronics from being damaged whether it is a TV, computer, or microwave.

Therefore, make the right choice and call us for a whole house surge protector installation job at your Federal Way residential property as this will save you tons of money in case of a power surge.

Federal Way Home Surge Protector


Anytime you plan to install a home surge protector in your property, always prioritize and hire professional contractors for the job. Why? Because engaging with inexperienced technicians often lead to incomplete or unsatisfactory results.

Count on us as we know how to install a whole house surge protector as we:

  • Are licensed, bonded and insured
  • Offer 24/7 services
  • Have decades of rich experience

We have been providing top-quality work and impeccable customer service to our customers for years now. Our experience and superior workmanship is what sets us apart from our competitors when it comes to home surge protector installation in the Federal Way area.

Call Washington Generators at (253) 220-4555 for professional and affordable whole home surge protector installation in the Federal Way or nearby areas.