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As a family owned and managed business in Kent, WA, we are committed to providing our home generator customers with courteous, efficient, and dependable sales, installation, maintenance and repair services at competitive prices. We are licensed, bonded and insured and serve the greater Seattle and South King County area.

We can help you prepare for the unexpected!


If you have experienced a power outage in the past, it’s a good time to consider a back up generator.

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Generac & Kohler generator factory-trained technicians.


To maintain optimal power flow during power outages.


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Power outages can and do happen - be prepared!

A permanently installed backup generator can protect your home automatically whether you are home or away, delivering power directly to the electrical system of your home to back up your whole house or provide partial backup power.

We offer extensive generator service, maintenance and repair plans because the comfort and safety of our customers is our first priority.



More and more homeowners are installing generators to overcome weather conditions and extended power outages.


The power needed can vary greatly; our generator sizing experts can help you to pinpoint your exact needs.


A loss of power results in a loss of revenue. A standby generator can protect your business during power outages.


If you have experienced generator problems in the past, it may be time to replace it before you get caught in the dark.


As the #1 selling brand of generators you have a range of back-up power solutions to protect your home or business.


The comfort and safety of our customers is our first priority. We are experts and we will be there when you need us.




Eric and his crew were professional, knowledgeable and polite! After having a horrible experience with our first generator installation, I was understandably wary of going down this road a second time. Eric was incredibly patient in answering my endless questions.



Eric and crew did a great job installing the generator wiring and gas plumbing. Always friendly and considerate of our needs and at a very competitive price. These guys are the GENERATOR PROS!



From the start of getting estimate through completion of the project (14k backup generator plus circuit breaker switch box) this dealer was punctual, pleasant, and professional.


Generator Kent

When a power outage occurs, and you have no knowledge of how long it may last, having a generator in Kent can protect your home or commercial business until power is restored.

When you choose a permanently-installed backup generator that can automatically protect your home or business even in your absence we provide efficient and dependable generator sales, service, maintenance and repair for the comfort and safety of our customers.

We offer turnkey generator sales for residential and commercial businesses in addition to extensive:

  • Installation by factory-trained technicians
  • Maintenance to maintain optimal power flow during power outages
  • Diagnoses and repairs
  • Compete service – permits, gas piping and inspections

We have achieved an Elite Power Pro ranking that few dealers achieve, and have also been awarded “Emerging Generator Dealer” of the northwest territory for Generac® by demonstrating our commitment to positively impacting the generators industry.

Call Washington Generators today to inquire about Generac® and Kohler® generators that are built to outlast power outages when coordinated with our installation and repair services!


Generators Kent

We offer for sale both residential and commercial generators in Kent, including the Generac® and Kohler® generators with exceptional installation and repair services to protect your home or business during unexpected power outages.

Whichever selection you make for your home or business, you are buying a system that provides circuit coverage with reliability to power your entire home or business through even the most relentless power outages.

And as a factory-authorized dealer of residential and commercial Generac® and Kohler® generators, we can ensure that either manufacturer selection will provide:

  • Cost savings with easy installation by our factory-trained technicians
  • Reliable backup power to protect your assets from damage
  • Automatic power within seconds of required usage
  • Commercial-grade engines with an ability to withstand extreme workloads

Call Washington Generators for purchase advice, as well as service repair and maintenance. 253-220-4555


Emergency Backup Generators for Sale, Installation Service and Repair

Permanent power protection has become a high priority as power outages have become more frequent, and are lasting for longer periods of time.

We offer Generac® and Kohler® generators for sale with uncompromising installation and repair services that provide powerful solutions for the protection of your home and family as well as peace of mind!

In the event of a catastrophic grid-disabling natural disaster that disrupts power for extended periods of time, investing in standby Kohler® or Generac® generators with the capability of energizing homes nonstop for days can save the expense and disruption of relocating until the power is restored.

We have built a strong reputation in this industry based on:

  • Strong customer loyalty by placing the needs of our customer first
  • Our vast knowledge of generators for home use
  • Experience in proper coverage selection based on customer needs
  • Trained technicians with knowledge to build the perfect system
  • Solutions to provide operational reliability

Call Washington Generators to inquire about Generac® generators, the #1 name in home standby power, or Kohler® generators that are built to outlast power outages, paired with our exceptional installation and repair service skills.

Generac® Generators - #1 Selling Standby Generator by Sales Volume

Whether you require a home backup generator that delivers power directly to the electrical system of your home for entire home coverage or just the most essential items, we offer Generac® and Kohler® generators for sale.

Both the Generac® and Kohler® generators for home use provide affordable backup power solutions and benefits to protect your family.

Generac® generators have set a high standard as the #1 selling standby generators by sales volume, and the #1 name in home standby power based on:

  • Proven reliability
  • Innovative features engineered for home use
  • Easy serviceability
  • Quiet operation
  • Utility grade power

Not only are we proud to carry these two fine generators for sale with the needs of homeowners in mind, but we have the proven capability to provide professional installation and repair service for these home generator systems. Call us today!