Kohler® Home Generators - Quality and Reliability

We are proud to represent Kohler® as a factory-trained contractor for exceptional installations and repairs.

Why Kohler® generators as backup generators for homes? Having built their first generator in 1920 their goal is to build the best generators in the world:

  • Meticulous quality and performance-testing from start to finish for total reliability
  • Commercial-grade engines built to withstand extreme workloads for many years
  • Incredible power within seconds of required usage
  • High-quality backed with a premium warranty

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Kohler® Generators – Kent


Weather-related power outages are causing economic hardship for many American households accounting for $25 billion to $70 billion annually.

To assist our customers in the decision-making process of investing in an emergency backup generator for home such as Kohler® home generators and their installation process, this is what we do as a factory-authorized contractor:

  • Provide a free in-home assessment
  • Help in determining the right generator for your needs with generator sizing
  • Preparation of the installation site
  • Placement and installation of the generator
  • Run the LP or natural gas fuel line
  • Install the transfer switch
  • Make all necessary electrical connections
  • Perform an initial start-up

Following installation of your Kohler® standby generator we offer follow-on service and repairs of parts, regular inspections, preventative maintenance, trained service support and performance testing.

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Kohler® Power Systems Kent


The single leading cause of power outages in the United States is severe weather, with the severity and amount of outages spiking dramatically over the past decade.

Protecting your family with a Kohler® Standby Generator that is consistently ranked as best in class offers many benefits for the homeowner.

Many other generator manufacturers seek high-volume sales while Kohler® power systems focus primarily on the delivery of quality and reliability over the long term. As an authorized dealer of Kohler® home generators we see many benefits for the homeowner, such as:

  • Easy installation that saves time and money
  • Service by hand-selected and trained technicians to ensure satisfaction
  • High quality and meticulous performance testing for total reliability
  • Commercial-grade engines to withstand extreme workloads over the long-term
  • Fast start-up time following a power failure
  • Industry’s best warranty with unrivaled 5-year/2,000 hour protection

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Kohler® Home Generators Kent


As an authorized dealer and factory-trained contractor we are expert installers of Kohler® home generators.

We are proud of our time-honored reputation and years of experience in high-quality installations of Kohler ® home generators that include, but not limited to:

  • Free in-home site assessment and evaluation for review by customer
  • Electrical permits and inspections
  • Gas permits
  • Reliable installations following manufacturer methods with no shortcuts
  • Warranty provider services

Let us help you avoid the inconvenience and expense of power outages with a Kohler® standby generator installation to keep your household running during power outages.

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