Many customers really like this interactive sizing guide provided by Consumer Reports to give an idea of the size generator that will supply necessary power. The power needed can vary greatly, and of course consulting with a WA Generators sizing consultant can help you to pinpoint your exact needs.


Residential Generator Sizing Kent


Power outages have occurred in the United Sates since the creation of the power grid and yet there is confusion among homeowners when reviewing their options for home generators.

One of the most significant considerations when choosing a backup power system for your home is determining the amount of watts needed in an emergency.

Electric consumption of devices may be variable so it is equally important when determining home backup residential generator sizing requirements to take into consideration:

  • Continuous or running watts
  • Peak or startup power
  • Surge current capabilities

Purchasing home generators that can handle all of the power generation requirements is among the most critical considerations in making a purchasing decision. When your generator is unable to meet the power requirements during an emergency there is undue stress placed on the unit, and damage may occur to some of the devices or appliances connected to it.

Call Washington Generators for assistance in determining how big of a generator to run whole house power requirements using residential generator sizing calculations.

Power Supply Calculator Kent


The best way to determine specific power requirements when considering the purchase of home generators is to consult with us.

We are factory-authorized dealers of Generac® and Kohler® home generators and are experienced in analyzing the actual electrical load requirements for homes that can help determine the right home backup generator.

Purchasing a home backup generator is a big investment that requires an informed decision. This is how we can guide you through the selection process:

  • Schedule a free in-home assessment and evaluation
  • Make a list of the items needed to be powered by the generator
  • Note the starting and running wattages of each item
  • Take into account surge current probabilities
  • Calculation of the total power requirements using a power supply calculator

We can conduct a home backup generator sizing evaluation, review options for virtually every need at a favorable backup generator cost. Call us today for details!

Home Generator Sizing Calculator


We are a factory-authorized dealer of several of the finest manufacturers of home generators with home backup power solutions.

With our training and expertise we can conduct an assessment using a home generator sizing calculator tool to establish your backup power requirements during power outages.

There are additional considerations for homeowners when preparing for an investment in home backup generators:

  • Comprehensive whole-house coverage capable of protecting every circuit
  • Managed whole house coverage where all appliances are not used simultaneously
  • Essential circuit coverage – home backup generator sizing to meet only essential needs
  • Generators that sense outages and automatically turn on until return of utility power
  • Mobile remote monitoring system option
  • Warranty reviews
  • Generator reviews

Call Washington Generators for assistance with our home generator sizing calculator tool in selection of a generator that can effectively power your home during an outage, and expert installation services based on manufacturer specifications with no shortcuts! 253-220-4555